Happily Date Box Review: Is This Subscription Service Worth the Hype?

Our comprehensive review of Happily Date Box dives into the details. It’ll help you decide if this subscription service is worth the hype. From the quality of the items to the overall value, we cover it all.

happily date box review

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Is Happily Date Box worth it: A Happily Date Box Review

It helps you prioritize date night again

When is the last time you prioritized date night with your spouse? Between work, the kids, and the house, it can be so hard to find the time to plan a date night together. That’s the first reason Datebox, by Happily is worth it! What can be easier than having a date tailored-to-you and delivered to your door every month?

They match your date box to your interests

Before your first datebox ships, Happily has you take a Date Survey. It helps them learn what each couple likes so their system can match the perfect datebox to them. They run this analysis before each shipment, which is pretty awesome!

Josh and I have tried a few other datebox subscriptions. We know from experience that other subscription services don’t offer this feature. It makes Happily very unique. From the other dateboxes we’ve tried, we have not had activities matched to our interests. That definitely makes it more appealing than other dateboxes you’ll come across!

Read the reviews for DateBox Club and Crated with Love for more information on our experiences with them.

happily date box coupon code

It’s creative

You’ll get unique dates each month that are creative and designed to help you connect with your partner. If you’re looking to mix things up for date night, Datebox, by Happily is definitely worth a try!

I’ll get into more details on this below with reviews of the specific boxes. As Josh and I try more of their monthly boxes, I will update this post with more details!

What comes in a Happily datebox?

Each Datebox is unique and you’ll never get the same box twice. But each one will focus on helping you connect with your partner. Each box focuses on fun activities and conversation starters to help you have an intimate and fun date night at home.

One thing I liked about my first Datebox, by Happily is that it came with a “Date Prep” card when you first opened the box. The first box we tried, My Person, required a few extra materials to complete the activities. It’s nice that the prep card was readily available upon opening the box.

happily date box reviews

Even if you want to keep your date a secret until you’re ready to enjoy it, I’d recommend still opening the box to see if there are any preparations you need to do beforehand.

How much is Happily date box?

The monthly Datebox subscription is $39.99 per date but there are options for 3 month ($36.99 per date) and 6 month ($32.99 per date) subscriptions.

If you want a particular date, Happily does sell a few of their most popular Dateboxes individually. The My Person box mentioned in more detail below is available for purchase.

Make sure to use the code CONNECTAGAIN for $20 off of your first monthly datebox subcription! Or follow the link here.

How to cancel your Happily subscription

When you look up Happily date box reviews, one of the results is from the Better Business Bureau. There have been complaints about canceling the subscription service.

In an effort to be transparent with my readers, I wanted to find out more information. I asked a representative from Datebox, by Happily about this. Here was his response:

Users are free to cancel anytime in their user accounts, without reaching out to us, of course. We try to make it as easy and simple as possible, but as you can imagine some folks still miss the cutoff, or miss the checkbox terms of service saying that they understand it’s a recurring subscription. Unfortunately, it’s only those who are frustrated who ever write reviews or file with the BBB. But for additional context, there are 12 negative reviews and we’ve shipped over 1.3 million dates, so its definitely not the majority and most people have no issue.

You can always reach out to them with any questions or concerns at: support@thehappily.co

Does Datebox, by Happily offer other products?

Happily offers a variety of other products to help you connect with your partner:

  • Digital Dates: prices range from $3.99 – $9.99 but are free with a subscription.
  • Digital Dates Bundles: prices range from $19.99 – $36.99
  • Digital Date Night For A Year: $59.99
    • Monthly digital dates for an entire year
  • Journals and Notebooks: prcies range from $18.99 – $25.00
    • There is also a Happily Engaged journal for $59.99 that helps engaged coupled get organized.
  • Classes: prices range from $24.99 – $34.99
    • Make homemade ice cream
    • Conquering conflict
    • Painting with red wine
    • Homemade southern style biscuits
    • And so many more!
happily date box review

Happily Date Box Examples

My Person Box

What’s inside

  • Custom playlist
  • Conversation starters
  • My Person book
  • Soulmate greeting cards
  • True Love Truffles (recipe, toppings, and candy box)
  • “My Person” Challenge

Let’s dive into each one below!


happily date box playlist

Inside the box was a card that directed you to go to thehappily.co/spotify for a custom playlist made for your date. However, when you go to that link, you get a list of 40 playlists, probably tied to particular boxes. It was unclear which playlist was for my particular box.

It definitely would be nice to have a more clear understanding of which playlist we should use. We ended up picking the relax and connect playlist, which was very calming.

Conversation Starters

The conversation starters were either missing from my box or I didn’t fully understand where they were. Regardless, the activities in the box sparked a lot of conversation between me and Josh. The “My Person” book mentioned next gave us a lot to talk about!

Remember, if you’re interested in purchasing a box, make sure to use the code CONNECTAGAIN for $20 off of your first monthly datebox subcription! Or follow the link here.

My Person book

what comes in happily date box?

We took a nice trip down memory lane with the My Person book. It included basic prompts about how we first met. It had some creative prompts too.

There was a page that asked us to write down all of our inside jokes. We had a lot of fun with this one! It made us realize how much our relationship has developed over the years.

At the end of the book, it asks you to write down your future plans together. Josh and I talk about this regularly so it was nice to write it all down!

We are treating this book as a keepsake that we plan on looking back on in a few years. Josh and I have been together since 2012 and so much has changed since we first started dating! It’ll be sweet to see how much has changed when we look at it again.

Soulmate Greeting Cards

what comes in happily date box?

This was by far my favorite part of the box! Josh and I leave notes for each other all the time. It’s such a sweet and simple way to show your spouse that you are thinking of them. We’ve been writing notes to each other since we first started dating, 11 years ago.

The notes we usually write are on plain paper or even post-its. I loved that the box included some nice cards so we could take our sweet activity a step further. The idea is to write a love note to your partner and then give it to them sometime in the next 30 days. What a sweet way to continue the connection that you built during the date!

True Love Truffles

what comes in happily date box?

Truffles are one of those special chocolate treats that Josh and I give each other on special occasions. So making them for our date was a very sweet idea! Honestly, between the greeting cards and the truffles, it almost felt like this box knew how much we value these small special connections.

The truffles activity came with a recipe card, toppings, and a candy box for any leftovers.

The only thing I would add to this activity is that you should have a food thermometer on hand to test the temperature of the cream. You’re supposed to heat it to simmering and a thermometer is helpful with this step.

The truffles were fun and fairly easy to make. And so delicious! I ended up buying more chocolate to make more the next day.

“My Person” Challenge

what comes in happily date box?

This challenge asks you to create a video of you and your partner and then post on Instagram. Josh doesn’t have an account and I barely use mine. Even if we did, we’re honestly not the type of people who would do these sorts of things.

Since the challenge wasn’t exactly up our alley, we decided to modify it. Feel free to copy our idea if you’d rather not post on social media either!

We went into separate rooms and made a video of ourselves talking about what we mean to each other. Afterward, we texted the videos to each other to watch. Josh and I are fairly good about showing each other appreciation. But it was nice to get a video. It almost felt like a nice surprise and made it feel more special.

If you need help showing appreciation in your marriage, you’ll love this post.

Final Thoughts: Happily Date Box Review

Datebox, by Happily is a great option for a date box subscription. As you can tell from the My Person datebox, it’s filled with relaxing and enjoyable activities that will bring you closer with your partner.

I would particularly recommend DateBox, by Happily for couples with kids. It can be so hard to plan a date night after you have kids. With this date box subscription, you don’t need to spend an arm and a leg or work around a babysitter’s schedule. Put the kids to bed and connect with your spouse!

Make sure to use the code CONNECTAGAIN for $20 off of your first monthly datebox subcription! Or follow the link here.

If you’d like to learn about other date boxes we like, you can read our reviews here:

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    1. Absolutely agree! Since my blog is more focused on how to strengthen your marriage when you have kids, I definitely put that slant on the review. But it’s really for anyone trying to connect with their partner 🙂

  1. This is so much fun! I love the idea of a Datebox, by Happily for date night. It really sounds like a great option and is easy to get with a subscription. Thank you for the great idea!

    1. That’s the beauty of these date box subscriptions! You don’t necessarily need a babysitter. You just need the kids to go to bed (definitely know that that’s a challenge in and of itself though!)

    1. That’s why I love date boxes 🙂 It’s so hard to plan a creative, romantic, fun date night when you have kids. I love how easy these boxes are to help you connect with your spouse.

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