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It seems as though your time exponentially decreases with each additional kid you add to your family. That’s how we felt when our daughter (our 2nd child) was born. It was then that we realized we had to become more intentional about connecting in our marriage. 


We came up with the idea for Connect Again during a game of Pandemic. It hit us that we have a lot of ways to connect with each other and we wanted to share them with other couples. Josh is a Professional Engineer and a military officer. Melissa is a stay at home mom. Our kids are 5 and 1. We have the benefit of having formed a solid relationship before kids to help us through this crazy time in our marriage.


If you don’t have kids, you’ll likely still find great advice here because most of what we talk about can be applied to multiple stages of marriage. Here at Connect Again, we guarantee you will leave with great ideas to foster a deep emotional connection with your spouse. 

Meet the Team

Melissa and Josh love helping couples strengthen their marriage after kids.

Get to know them a little better below!

Founder and Content Writer


Melissa has achieved her ultimate

dream in life: to become a wife and 

mother. She has worked in IT audit and education, teaching English as a 

Second Language. Her hobbies are 

crochet, reading, gardening, and 

above all, spending time with her family.



Josh believes that a better world starts

 at the family level. He is a Professional Engineer and military officer. He has 

traveled and lived across the US and 

the world. His hobbies are reading, 

board games, hiking, road trips, and 

spending quality time with his family.

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