80 Fun Fall Date Ideas that are Romantic and Cozy

Fall in love with fall! Discover unique, romantic, fun fall date ideas that are perfect for the crisp autumn air. From scenic picnics to cozy nights in, spark unforgettable memories this season.

fun fall date ideas

Fall is my favorite season. My husband Josh and I were married in the fall. After 12 years together (8 of them married), we have learned to enjoy all the wonderful things the fall has to offer.

Here are some of my favorite fun fall date ideas! If you have kids and can’t get a babysitter, you can still enjoy most of these. Just make sure you bring snacks and things for your kids to do so you can focus on each other a bit more.

What is romantic about autumn?

The leaves and weather are a great set up for romance in autumn.

However, I think it goes deeper than that. If you live in an area with very hot summers, they can feel insufferable sometimes. As the weather starts to cool, it’s a gentle reprieve from the heat you’ve had to endure for months. We begin to relax a little.

Romance is a lot easier when you feel at ease and happy.

Fall activities for couples

Couples should take advantage of the beautiful fall colors and weather by doing activities outside. You can’t go wrong with fall festivals and nature walks. But there are so many other great fall activities for couples to do!

Keep reading for the best fun fall date ideas to make this fall the most romantic one yet!

Fun fall date ideas

1. Attend a fall festival

Fall festivals are great for date night because they usually offer unique experiences that you can only get in the fall (like a corn maze). That makes the date feel more special.

2. Haunted house

Be each other’s comfort and support through a scary haunted house. You can bond over your bravery (or lack thereof!). This is a fun way to get into the Halloween spirit and feel closer to your partner.

3. Football game

Go to a football game or have a viewing party at home. Go all out and really enjoy the game, even if it’s not quite your thing. There’s something about cheering on a team together that can be a lot of fun.

4. Corn maze

Get lost and help each other find their way through a corn maze. This is a great time to practice your teamwork.

5. Petting zoo

Who says petting zoos are for kids only? Fall in love with cute animals and enjoy spending some time outdoors together.

6. Go to a brewery

Josh and I love breweries. A lot of them are kid friendly too! Challenge yourselves to find one that has some fall themed beers for you to try.

Bring along conversation starters to help you connect even more. You can get exclusive access to my conversation starter cards when you sign up for my email list below:

October date night ideas

7. Halloween costume party

Host or attend a Halloween costume party. Bonus points if your costumes match/have a theme.

8. Ghost tour

October is a great time for a ghost tour. A lot of major cities have official tours you can take.

If there’s not one in your area, try doing some research. Most cities have some ghost stories if you look hard enough.

9. Pumpkin carving

Josh and I used to do this every October (before having kids). We’d lay out all our materials on the living room floor and put on a Halloween movie to watch in the background.

It can be a lot of fun to compare each other’s pumpkin carving designs and abilities.

10. Ghost story night

You can either Google some ghost stories or get a book on them. Take turns reading them to each other and seeing who gets scared first. Make sure to use the opportunity to comfort each other during the really scary parts.

11. Pumpkin beer tasting

Not into craft beer? You might be surprised! It’s come a long way since it first became popular. Make it a mission to try different pumpkin flavored beers together, whether at a brewery or at home.

12. Zombie run

Check to see if your city is hosting a zombie run this fall. Even if you’re not a runner, the very theme of this run could be a lot of fun for a date night.

Date ideas for November

13. Thanksgiving prep

Turn Thanksgiving prep into a date by working together to create new recipes, shop for decor, and curate a menu together. Planning together can be fun and offer you a chance to connect.

14. Holiday market

Get a head start on your Christmas shopping by going to a holiday market together! Make a list of everyone you want to get presents for and turn your date into a scavenger hunt. See who can find the best gift ideas.

15. Wine tasting

Wine tasting is always a great date night idea. Try to find some local wineries that feature seasonal wines.

16. Thanksgiving parade

Make watching a Thanksgiving parade a date! You can attend a local parade and set up chairs, blankets, and hot chocolate. Talk about which floats and performances you like best.

17. Ice skating

Some places set up ice skating rinks in November. Check your local area to see if ice skating is available yet. Even if you’re not good at ice skating, this can be a really sweet date night.

Fall date night ideas at home

If you have kids, date night at home is an easy way to connect with each other. Put the kids to bed and get ready for a nice evening together.

18. Candlelit dinner

Cook a favorite meal or order takeout. What matters here is the ambiance. Here’s how to create a perfectly easy candlelit dinner that’s also romantic:

  • Use your nicest dishes. If you ordered takeout, put the food on plates
  • Light some candles
  • Play calming music. Play around with different types, but I would suggest something without words so you can focus on each other.
  • Turn off any unnecessary lights in the house. We usually turn off the living room and kitchen lights so the candles can create a more romantic ambiance.

19. Game night

Bust out your favorite board games and make a date out of it! You can combine this with dinner or your favorite snacks and beverages.

20. Baking night

There’s something about the fall that makes me want to bake. Here are some ideas to make your baking date night special:

  • Make a favorite recipe
  • Try a new recipe
  • Call your parents and get an old family recipe to try
  • Bake a seasonal recipe
couple on a fun fall date idea

21. DIY pizza night

Make your own pizza and turn it into a date! If you’re not confident enough to make your own dough, you can buy it premade. I’d suggest getting dough that’s not cooked yet so you can still get that fresh taste.

Experiment with different toppings: this is the time to have fun and explore together.

22. Indoor camping

Bring out your inner child and camp inside. Set up a tent or make a fort with blankets and chairs. Lay out sleeping bags, blankets, and pillows in the living room and pretend you are outside.

23. Virtual traveling

Explore the world from the comfort of your home. With the internet, it’s never been easier to find out more about a new city. You might even get ideas for your next vacation.

Free fall activities for couples

24. Fall color walk

Find a nice path or neighborhood with lots of trees. Walk hand in hand and marvel at all the different fall colors. See how many different ones you can find.

25. Stargazing

Take advantage of the cool nights and lay out a blanket in your backyard. See how many constellations you can spot.

26. Volunteer

The fall is a great time to reflect on what you have and give back to those who don’t have as much. Find a cause you both feel passionate about and volunteer together.

27. Home movie night

Compile a list of “home movies” to watch together. It’s a sweet, nostalgic way to connect on how far the two of you have come.

couple on a fun fall date idea

28. Puzzle night

Find a fun puzzle and challenge yourselves to a puzzle night! Choose one with a beautiful fall scene for added seasonal enjoyment.

29. Local free events

Our town has free movies and concerts in a local park during the fall season. Do some research and find out what your town is doing this fall.

If you can’t find free events, get creative. For example, a farmers market can be “free” if you don’t buy anything.

30. Photo scavenger hunt

Create a list of fall themed items you need to find (either together or as a competition). Take pictures of each item as you find it.

31. Library events

Libraries are a great place to find free events! Your local library will likely have some fall themed ones you might enjoy.

32. Window shopping

I love walking through boutiques and “window shopping”. You can both look around and even get ideas for Christmas presents.

Cute fall date ideas

33. Scenic drive

Roll the windows down and enjoy the fall colors with a scenic drive.

34. Outdoor photoshoot

DIY or get a professional photoshoot done among all of the fall colors.

35. Hot chocolate bar

Now that it’s getting colder, create a hot chocolate bar for you to enjoy together. Experiment with different toppings and ways to make this warm drink.

36. Fall craft fair

Fall craft fairs can be a lot of fun. You might even find some new fall decorations for your house.

37. Pie tasting

Buy a few different pies or make your own. Have fun tasting and rating each one. Here’s how to store any leftover slices in the freezer.

38. Plant a tree

Planting a tree can easily become a date when you add in all of the extra details. Go to a local garden store and pick out a tree together. Find a spot in your yard and work together to plant it.

Every time you see the tree in your yard, you’ll think back to a fun afternoon together.

39. Apple picking

Visit a local orchard to pick fresh apples together. Enjoy the crisp air and the satisfaction of harvesting your own fruit.

Romantic fall date ideas

40. Horseback riding

Riding horseback through a fall landscape can be a romantic way to spend a fall date. This will satisfy the adventurous types.

41. Sunset picnic

Have a picnic during sunset at a scenic spot. Bring a cozy blanket and enjoy the view as the sun sets.

42. Spa night

Create a spa night at home with massages, scented candles, and relaxing music. Unwind together in a romantic setting.

Want a box with special spa-like products designed to help you unwind and relax? Then you’ll love this self care box by Everylove Intimates.

43. Rent a cabin

Rent a cabin in the woods for a peaceful weekend surrounded by nature. Enjoy the tranquility and the chance to disconnect.

44. Sunrise breakfast

Wake up early and have breakfast while watching the sunrise. Bring a thermos of coffee and some warm blankets.

45. Horse-drawn carriage ride

Take a horse-drawn carriage ride through a scenic area. It’s a classic and romantic way to enjoy the fall scenery.

46. Rooftop dinner

If you have access to a rooftop or a high balcony, set up a romantic dinner with candles and blankets, and enjoy the view. You can also search for restaurants that have rooftop dining.

Cheap date ideas in fall

47. Farmers market

Explore a farmers market and enjoy the seasonal produce and homemade goods. Sample some free treats along the way.

48. Crafting

Collect leaves, pinecones, and acorns during a walk and use them to make nature crafts at home.

49. Library date

A library or bookstore can be a fun and cheap date. Discover new books and learn more about each other as you explore different genres.

For more ideas on how to have a library date, you’ll love this blog post. You’ll even find ideas on how to have a scavenger hunt at the library!

50. Harvest moon date

Plan a date to watch the Harvest Moon. Bring a blanket and some snacks to enjoy the evening together.

51. Scary movie marathon

Find a couple of scary movies and make a marathon out of it. Make sure to cozy up to each other for comfort.

52. Free museum days

Take advantage of free admission days at local museums. Learn something new while enjoying the fall weather.

Indoor fall activities for couples

53. Coffee shop date

Visit a local coffee shop and enjoy seasonal drinks. Bring along a book or just chat and people-watch.

54. Art class

Take an art class together, such as painting or pottery. It’s a creative way to spend time indoors. You might just discover a hidden talent.

55. Cooking class

Take a cooking class together to learn how to make fall dishes like hearty stews or pumpkin bread. It’s a fun way to bond and try new recipes.

56. Trivia night

Host a trivia night at home with fall-themed questions. Challenge each other or team up against friends. Your local brewery might also have a trivia night you’d enjoy.

57. Poetry reading

Have a poetry reading night. Pick out some of your favorite poems or write your own to share with each other. Bonus points if you can find fall-themed poems that also incorporate romance or love.

fun fall date ideas outdoors

58. Virtual reality adventures

If you have access to VR equipment, explore virtual reality adventures together. It’s a fun and immersive way to spend time indoors.

59. Community theater

Attend a community theater production. Support local talent and enjoy a live performance. This can be a fun way to get to know your town better.

60. Rent a bike

Rent bikes and explore a new area of your city or town. Look for scenic routes that highlight the fall colors.

61. Attend a seasonal workshop

Join a seasonal workshop, such as wreath-making or candle-making, and create something special together. You might just be able to use your creations as Christmas gifts.

Outdoor fall activities for couples

62. Camping

Go camping and enjoy the cool fall weather. Sit by the campfire, roast marshmallows, and stargaze. If one of you doesn’t like to camp, this is a great opportunity to show interest in the other’s hobbies. At least the weather will be nice!

63. Fishing

Spend a day fishing at a local lake or river. Enjoy the peacefulness and the chance to catch your dinner.

64. Bird watching

Go bird watching in a nearby park or nature reserve. Fall is a great time to see migratory birds. Challenge each other to identify the birds you see and learn more about them.

65. Plant fall flowers

Spend a day planting fall flowers or bulbs in your garden. It’s a rewarding activity that will bring beauty to your home.

66. Hiking

Explore a nearby hiking trail to witness the vibrant fall foliage. Bring along a thermos of hot cider to enjoy at the peak.

67. Pumpkin patch date

Spend a day at a pumpkin patch picking out pumpkins for carving or decorating your home. Some patches also have hayrides and corn mazes.

68. Biking tour

Go on a bike ride through a picturesque area. Many towns have designated bike paths that are especially beautiful in the fall.

69. Rock climbing

Try outdoor rock climbing at a local climbing spot. It’s a thrilling way to enjoy the fall weather and get active.

70. Photography walk

Take a walk with a camera and capture the beauty of the fall season. Share and compare your favorite shots at the end.

Take some time to learn about the different settings on your cameras beforehand. Play around with the settings during your walk. You can compare how your pictures turned out using the different options.

71. Farm tour

Visit a working farm to learn about agriculture and animal husbandry. Many farms offer tours and tastings of their produce.

Unique fall date ideas

72. Escape room

Try an escape room challenge with a fall or Halloween theme. Work together to solve puzzles and escape in time.

73. Murder mystery dinner

Host or attend a murder mystery dinner. Dress up and enjoy the intrigue and fun of solving a mystery.

74. Historical tour

Take a tour of historical sites in your area. Learn about local history while enjoying the fall weather.

75. Botanical garden

I usually think of visiting a garden in the spring or summer. But some gardens will do special displays for the fall. Find one in your area to see what seasonal wonders you can discover.

76. Tour a distillery

I recently discovered a bourbon distillery in my area and I’ve been wanting to take Josh on a tour! This definitely sounds like a fun date for the fall.

77. Geocaching

Go on a geocaching adventure. Use a GPS or a geocaching app to find hidden treasures in your area.

78. Pottery painting

Visit a pottery painting studio and decorate your own pieces. It’s a creative and hands-on way to spend time together.

79. Hot air balloon ride

Experience the fall colors from above with a hot air balloon ride. It’s a thrilling and unique way to see the landscape.

80. Fall baking competition

Bake fall treats together, but make it a competition. Make your own versions of the same fall-themed recipe and see who’s creation turns out better.

Final thoughts on fun fall date ideas

The fall is a great time to plan a fun and romantic date. Take advantage of the cool weather and beautiful colors to create a special date.

I hope I gave you some fun inspiration for you to try this fall. Make sure to save this blog post for later by pinning it below!

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