Hey Ritual Therapy Review: Can Online Couples Counseling Help?

Don’t have time to go to a traditional couples counselor? This Hey Ritual therapy review will help you discover a new way to get help for your marriage. The best part: it’s on your own time and schedule!

Hey Ritual therapy review

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What is Ritual therapy?

Ritual therapy provides virtual relationship guidance using science-backed methods. You can sign up for HeyRitual by yourself or with your spouse.

What is the Ritual app for relationships?

The therapy sessions are conducted entirely through an app on your phone. This makes it easy to incorporate into your daily life.

How much does HeyRitual cost?

As mentioned above, you can sign up for HeyRitual by yourself or with your spouse. Ritual is not covered by insurance.

Here are the costs for HeyRitual. Use my link to get 20% off!

For couples

  • Starting at $260/month

Each month you’ll receive 3 private sessions for each of you and 1 extended joint session per month.

For individuals

  • Starting at $160/month for weekly sessions
  • Starting at $100/month for bi-weekly sessions

The introductory sessions with a therapist (for couples and individuals) are 30 minutes long. The regular weekly sessions are 20 minutes.

Apart from getting personalized time with a licensed therapist, the HeyRitual subscription also gives you access to helpful videos. More details can be found below.

Ritual also offers a 14-day money back guarantee.

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How Hey Ritual cost compares to other online couples therapy companies

I’ll admit that I’m fairly new to online couples therapy. I was curious how Hey Ritual compared to other companies that offered virtual support for couples. Here’s what I found from my research:

  • Among the more affordable online couples counseling, $240/month seems to be fairly common.
  • There are other companies that are more expensive. I found prices as high as $450/month.
  • Some companies charge per session and can range from $50 to $300 per session.
  • There are companies that are covered by insurance.

How does Ritual therapy for couples work?

Ritual therapy for couples begins with a 2-minute questionnaire. It’ll help the system get to know your needs better and give you personalized suggestions.

After you sign up, you’ll begin by selecting a Pathway. These are different areas of your relationship that you might want to work on.

Pathways generally take about a month to complete.

Here are some examples of Pathways:

  • The Art of Conflict
  • Conscious Communication
  • Re:Connection
  • Intimacy

Once you choose a pathway, you can get started. You’ll be assigned a licensed therapist. You’ll receive a detailed bio so you can get to know them before your first session.

A calendar invite will be sent to your email so you can receive reminders about your session. You meet your therapist through Zoom. As mentioned above, your first session will be 30 minutes. The rest will be 20 minutes.

Therapists are located all over the world to accommodate carrying time zones.

Each week, you’ll be assigned a series of short videos to watch. They’re only about 2 minutes but pack a lot of helpful information! It also provides space to record your thoughts.

The Hey Ritual app

Everything is conducted through the Hey Ritual app, except for the sessions with your therapist. Those are done through Zoom.

The app is a convenient way to incorporate therapy into your daily life. We already spend time on our phones. Most of us can probably find a couple of minutes each day to pull up a helpful video on our phones.

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What’s unique about Hey Ritual?

Couples can work on separate Pathways

Remember how I mentioned Pathways before? They are areas of your relationship that you’d like to work on. If couples sign up for Ritual therapy together, they can do separate Pathways at the same time. I loved that!


While you do have “homework” in the form of videos for each Pathway, there’s a lot of flexibility with this.

My therapist said some people like to get the videos done before their sessions with a therapist. Others can’t get to it until after. Either way, the Pathways are meant to help you and fit into your schedule, not stress you out.

Ritual can be used to help strengthen your marriage

When people think about couples counseling, many think you have to be struggling in your marriage to begin therapy. While Ritual can definitely help a struggling marriage, it’s also meant to serve as a resource for all marriages.

We all have things we can work on, even if we don’t necessarily deem our marriages to be “struggling”. Whether it’s conflict resolution, or communication, or connection: you’ll find a lot of value in this app to help you strengthen your marriage.

Easy to schedule

It’s incredibly easy to schedule a session with your therapist. The app also includes a messaging section where you can directly talk to your therapist.

Improve your marriage today with HeyRitual! Click here to get started.
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HeyRitual Therapy Review: My experience with the app

I write a lot about how to help couples strengthen their marriages. You’ll find helpful posts on my blog in many areas (conflict resolution, criticism, compromise, forgiveness, and more!). But I always acknowledge the fact that some people need more help than simply reading a blog post.

When I was contacted by HeyRitual to learn more about their services, I jumped at the opportunity to explore the online couples counseling world. I realized my readers could benefit from learning about it too. So I tried Ritual for 1 month and learned as much as I could.

My experience

My husband Josh and I have a very solid marriage: We are always there for each other. We support each other. We do our best to work through conflict respectfully.

But as I mentioned before, even the most grounded marriages have room to grow. In the month that I used HeyRitual, I decided to focus on the communication Pathway. Josh and I sometimes communicate differently which can lead to misunderstandings. I acknowledge that if we could learn to communicate better, we could stop future conflict before it even begins.

I found the short videos to be very helpful. I learned about different communication styles. They affect not only how we communicate information but how we receive it too.

couple using the hey ritual therapy app

The journal prompts in the Pathway also helped me dive deeper into my own communication style. It helped me realize where the disconnect tends to happen when Josh and I are talking.

My assigned therapist was very helpful. We spent some time talking about HeyRitual as a service and how accommodating the app can be. They really try to integrate this form of therapy into people’s everyday lives.

We also talked about how Josh and I communicate and steps we could take to overcome some challenges we face. He even gave me more resources (apps to download and YouTube videos to watch) that would help me understand the topic further.

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FAQs about online couples therapy

How online couples counseling can help your marriage?

Everyone is busy nowadays. Between work, the kids, and the house, it’s hard to find time for yourself or your marriage.

Doing therapy online makes counseling a lot more accessible. There’s no driving and waiting for your appointment. You don’t need to get a babysitter.

Just set aside some time in your day to pick up your phone or computer and start working on your marriage.

Is online therapy effective for couples?

Studies have concluded that online therapy can be just as effective for couples as traditional, in person therapy. There can be some drawbacks to online therapy. But the convenience is hard to beat.

Is therapy worth it for couples?

Therapy is absolutely worth it for couples! Here are some reasons you and your spouse should try therapy:

  • Sometimes you just need to hear a third party’s point of view to help you work through some issues
  • Therapists are trained and can help you get to the root of the issue
  • Therapists know a lot of helpful resources and strategies that can help you get your marriage back on track
  • Couples counseling can help you strengthen an already solid marriage
couple reconciling after help from heyritual

Online therapy cost

Online therapy can range from $100 – $500 per month, depending on how many sessions you have and which company you choose.

How can I save my marriage without counseling?

If you’re not ready to take counseling, I would suggest 2 things: (1) do research on your own and (2) do a lot of reflection.

Reflection can help you identify what areas of your marriage you need to work on. It can also help you understand the part you play in these areas.

Research will help you find solutions to your problems. I have a lot of free resources on my blog that couples find helpful. Click on the picture below to gain access to the free resource library!

Final thoughts on my Hey Ritual therapy review

Overall, HeyRitual is worth it: you get expert advice that is tailored to the areas of your marriage that you want to work in. The best part is that it’s entirely on your schedule.

If you’re ready to sign up for Hey Ritual, use my link to get 20% off!

A quick note from the HeyRitual website: “Ritual is not a good fit for couples in which serious mental illness, substance misuse, or violence are part of the story.” If you are dealing with any of these issues, please start with the National Domestic Hotline. You can call them at 800.799.SAFE

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