30 Fun Bookstore Date Ideas: Including Free Printable!

Indulge in the perfect blend of romance and literary charm with these bookstore date ideas!

30 bookstore date ideas

My husband Josh and I have been together for 12 years and married for 8. We believe married couples should continue to date each other and work to find new experiences that will bring them closer together.

That’s why I was so excited to write this blog post about bookstore date ideas! Before we were married, Josh and I used to go to dinner and stop by Barnes & Noble afterward. We loved looking through the books. Now that we have kids, we don’t get to do this anymore. But the nostalgia that came over me as I wrote this blog post made me want to book a babysitter and take Josh to a bookstore for a date.

I hope this blog post inspires you to do an unconventional date with your partner or spouse!

What is a bookstore date?

A bookstore date involves taking your partner to a bookstore for a romantic time. Get to know each other all over again, with the help of books!

You can browse the aisles and talk about the different sections. Or sit down and have a cup of coffee while you ask each other some great conversation starters. There are so many things you can do at a bookstore besides browse books.

Is going to a bookstore a good date?

A bookstore date is a great idea because it’s unique and offers a fun outing for couples. As you’ll see below, there are so many things you can do in a bookstore together.

Going to a bookstore give you an opportunity to get to know your spouse in a whole new way. Even if you or your spouse don’t like to read, you can still have a lot of fun on a bookstore date. You never know, you might even discover a few gems that will spark your interest.

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Bookstore date ideas

You’ll love these bookstore date ideas! The best part is that most of them are short. You can combine a few of these for a longer date and more connection.

Make sure you use the opportunity to communicate with your spouse. For example, don’t just find a book of poems and read them to each other. Talk about what poetry has meant to you over the years. Discuss the poems you read and critique them. The possibilities for discussion are endless!

1. Have a scavenger hunt

Have a scavenger hunt together. This is a fun one and I created a lot more detail on this in its own section.

If you’d like to skip ahead, click here –> More on this below.

2. Have a classic date

Explore the aisles together, pick out a classic novel, and take turns reading passages to each other.

3. Bookstore cafe date

Enjoy a cup of coffee or tea at the bookstore café while discussing your favorite genres or books.

4. Blind book date

Select books for each other without seeing the covers or titles. Share your choices and discuss why you picked them.

5. Book signing event

Attend a book signing event of a favorite author or discover a new one together.

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6. Literary trivia night

Join a bookstore’s literary trivia event or create your own book-themed quiz for each other.

7. Bookstore photo challenge

Take turns capturing unique and interesting book-related photos during your visit.

8. Poetry reading date

Find a quiet corner and take turns reading poetry to each other.

9. Mystery genre night

Select mystery novels, read the first chapter together, and try to solve the mystery before finishing the book.

10. Travel the world through books

Explore books from different countries or cultures and discuss your findings. Why not talk about your dream vacations while you’re at it? Or begin to make plans for your next adventure together!

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11. Find books to start your very own bookclub

Read a book with your spouse at the same time! Use your bookstore date to find a book you’d both like to read. But 2 copies of the book and read them together. You’ll have so much fun discovering a book with your spouse.

12. Genre swap

Explore a genre you wouldn’t normally choose to read. Have your spouse pick a book for you from this genre.

13. Bookstore date night budget challenge

Set a budget and see who can find the most interesting or unique book within that budget.

14. Bookstore writing session

Bring notebooks and spend time writing together in the bookstore.

15. Bookstore DIY bookshelf project

Plan and sketch out your dream bookshelves together. Use the various displays in the bookstore for inspiration.

couple on a bookstore scavenger hunt

16. Children’s books nostalgia

Revisit your favorite childhood books and share the memories associated with them.

17. Cookbook challenge

Choose a cookbook and pick a recipe you’ll make together soon. You could even head to the grocery store right after the bookstore and pick up the ingredients.

18. Learn a language

Pick up books in a foreign language and attempt to learn phrases together.

19. Meditate together

Find a quiet corner, close your eyes, and meditate while surrounded by the soothing presence of books.

20. Bookstore relationship goals

Pick out books that represent relationship goals and discuss why they are meaningful to you.

couple on a bookstore scavenger hunt

21. Open mic night

Check if the bookstore hosts open mic events and share your own writing or favorite excerpts from books.

22. Puzzle challenge

Bring a jigsaw puzzle and work on it together in the bookstore’s reading area.

23. Plan a movie night

Pick out a book that has been adapted into a movie, and plan a future movie night to watch the adaptation together.

24. Explore history

Focus on historical fiction books and discuss the historical context of the novels you find. Or look through the history section and learn a few facts about a time in history you’re not familiar with.

25. Create future reading goals

Create a joint bucket list of books you both want to read and plan to check off the list together. You can also set reading goals for the future, such as tackling a challenging classic or exploring a new genre.

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26. Critique a book

Read the opening chapters of different books and discuss your first impressions and predictions.

27. Role playing game sessions

Find books that fit the theme of a role-playing game and create characters and storylines together.

28. Be artistic

Select a book and express its essence through drawings, paintings, or other creative means.

29. Create a book inspired recipe

Choose a book and create a meal inspired by its setting or characters, then enjoy it together.

30. Have a comedy night

Share and read aloud funny passages from books or explore comedic genres together.

bookstore scavenger hunt quote

Bookstore scavenger hunt date

This is by far my favorite bookstore date idea! I don’t know about you, but I tend to gravitate towards the same sections in a bookstore. I don’t usually venture outside of my comfort zone too much.

Doing a bookstore scavenger hunt date will force you to really explore the bookstore. It can be a competition or you can work together.

Bookstore scavenger hunt worksheet

I did all the legwork for you and created a worksheet you can use together! It’s 3 pages and includes:

  • Simple instructions
  • A list of 15 books you need to find
  • Discussion questions to help you connect after the scavenger hunt

To get the worksheet, fill out the form below. You’ll be sent an email with instructions on the next steps.

By subscribing, you’ll also gain access to my entire free marriage resource library! Here are a few of the printables you’ll be able to download, in addition to the scavenger hunt:

  • Date night planner
  • Emotional intimacy test
  • 30 Praying for your husband challenge
  • 30 Day appreciation challenge
  • Budgeting for couples worksheet
  • And more!

Bookstore date outfit

What do you wear to a bookstore date? This really just depends on the couple’s preferences. After having kids, Josh and I would sometimes go on a date where we were only allowed to wear comfortable clothes (sweatpants and a t-shirt). There was something fun about being comfortable and relaxed together.

I would suggest something nice but comfortable. There’s no need to get fancy if you’re going to a bookstore. But you probably still want to look nice for your partner.

Here are some other cute ideas for a bookstore date outfit from around the web:

If you want to do something fun and a little crazy, dress up like a character from your favorite book! You could each keep it a surprise until your date. Try to guess who your partner is dressed up as.

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Final thoughts on bookstore date ideas

I hope found some bookstore date ideas that you can use on a future date! If you try any of these, I would love to know what you thought in the comments!

I’d also love to hear if you have any other ideas for a bookstore date.

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Melissa is a wife of 8 years and mother to 2 young kiddos. She has a passion for helping couples prioritize and strengthen their marriage after having kids. She knows firsthand how difficult it can be to connect with your spouse when you have little people running around, demanding all of your attention.

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