13 Amazing Benefits of Couples Who Workout Together

couples who work out together

Are you lacking the motivation to work out? Are the kids, work, and chores making it hard to connect with your spouse? It can be so demanding to fit in both a workout and some quality time with your spouse.

It’s no secret that exercising is healthy for you. But have you considered the benefits of working out with your spouse? I’ve compiled a great list that is going to convince you to begin working out with your spouse (if you’re not already!).

Couples who workout together stay together

This is a popular saying, whether you believe it or not. It’s hard to deny the amazing benefits of exercising and spending time with your spouse. Those benefits are bound to lead to a long relationship and marriage.

Should couples go to the gym together?

It all depends on the couple. Some will thrive with getting out of the house and going to the gym together. The gym comes with several benefits. You can mix up your workout routine by:

  • Lifting weights together: Don’t forget to focus on all muscle groups!
  • Attending a class: Try Zumba, kickboxing, cycling, etc.
  • Jogging on the treadmill or elliptical: See who can “run” farther!
  • Swim laps and race each other: Some gyms have pools, which you can also combine into a relaxing post-workout activity.

Others may find going to the gym too stressful (as it’s another thing to go do in their day). If you work out at home, make sure you have the equipment you need to accomplish your goals. Try several options until you find what works for you and your spouse.

Benefits of couples exercising together

couples who work out together, stretching

1. Stronger, happier bond

It’s no question that exercising releases endorphins. Sharing those good feelings with your spouse is going to bring you closer together.

2. You prioritize your marriage by prioritizing your health

Exercising will improve your health. By exercising, you’re telling your spouse that you want to stick around as long as possible for them. It’s honestly a very sweet way to prioritize your marriage.

3. Overcome a challenge together

I’m a big proponent that challenges can help strengthen marriages. You have to rely on each other and work together to overcome an obstacle. You’ll begin to feel like you can get through anything together.

4. You’ll spend quality time together

With work, kids, and chores, it can be hard to find time for your spouse. So sometimes you have to make it happen. You probably already have “exercise more” on your goals anyways. Why spend some quality bonding time with your spouse! It’ll grow your marriage.

Sabrina from Shades of Summr said, “Gym hours are now quality time together. I used to go alone and I felt bad because we don’t have a lot of time with each other so I sometimes skipped it to go with him. Now it is a common hobby. We motivate us and we have a common goal.”

5. You’ll have your own personal cheerleader and coach

Spot each other! It’s always great to have a workout buddy who can help tell you if you’re doing a certain move or pose wrong. When Josh and I lift weights together, he’ll watch how I do a move and give me pointers to improve.

You can also use this as an opportunity to motivate and keep each other accountable. Are you a workout warrior or do you sometimes need a little push to get it done? By exercising together, you can look out for times when the other is not as motivated.

6. You’ll work on your teamwork

What are your individual strengths? Do you enjoy putting together a great workout plan? Is your spouse awesome at picking motivating music to work out to? Combine your strengths to create a great workout experience!

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7. You’ll relieve stress

Josh likes to say that exercising is a form of therapy for him. He can release some steam in a very healthy way. Exercising is a great way to help you shed the stressors of the day.

If your day was too stressful and this is demotivating you to exercise, lean on your spouse for support. You can remind each other how good you feel after a good workout.

8. You get to celebrate achievements together

Were you finally able to bench press more weight? Did you run a faster mile? Whatever your accomplishment, you get to achieve it with your spouse!

exercising with your spouse quote

Make this even more fun by rewarding yourselves afterwards. Share a special drink, meal, prize, etc. It’ll encourage you to keep striving for more goals.

Sabrina also said that she and her husband talk about their workout with a coffee afterwards. They compare their states on their smartwatches.

9. You’ll have fun together!

Working out doesn’t have to be boring.

Kassidy from Plies and Books says, “The biggest benefit I think is just having fun together! We usually do the same exact thing, like a circuit workout at home, and we laugh at each other and bond together over how terrible our planks are.” Laughter in a marriage is always a good thing!

Make your workout fun with our ideas below.

couples who work out together stay together

10. You might begin to enjoy exercising!

I don’t know about you, but any time I do something with Josh, my enjoyment level increases tenfold. It’s been that way for us. I never liked to work out. After I met Josh and began exercising with him, I realized how much fun working out could be. I now like to work out!

11. You’ll feel better about yourself

We all come with our insecurities, which can negatively affect our marriages. Exercising can obviously help with physical insecurities. But have you thought about the mental benefits?

Back in 2013, I was struggling to find a job after college. I did not feel in control of my life. Josh and I began running in the mornings and I pushed myself to run farther and faster each time. It helped me feel calmer and in control.

12. Less strain in your marriage

Did you recently get into an argument with your spouse? Are you not seeing eye to eye recently? MyFitnessPal reports that relationships can benefit from exercise. You’ll feel more positive and calm, which can help ease any tension in your marriage.

13. You’ll build emotional intimacy

Have you ever taken on a new workout plan? Or tried to reach a new exercise goal? Maybe you’d like to finish jogging a mile without feeling like you sprinted 10! What hurdles are you struggling with to reach these goals?

exercising with your spouse quote

Talk them through with your spouse. The more you listen and help each other get through challenges, the stronger your emotional intimacy will be.

If you’d like more tips on how to build emotional intimacy in your marriage, you’ll love this post.

Our experience

Apart from a cycling or kickboxing class I took in college, I was never one to enjoy working out. On the other hand, Josh grew up in a military family and later joined the military himself. He appreciated and enjoyed exercising. I couldn’t even run a mile.

Josh made it clear that exercising was important to him when we started dating. I wanted to learn more about him so I started working out with him.

Now that we have 2 young kids and exponentially less time, I look back on that time together with fondness. I can now clearly see that we were doing more than making our bodies healthier. We were making our relationship healthier too.

Workout Ideas for Couples

I’m a big believer that you’re more likely to stick to a workout routine if you enjoy it. Here’s a list of some great workout ideas to do with your spouse:

1. Lift weights together: You can each pick 3 muscle groups with corresponding exercises to work them out.

2. Ride a bike: Find a nice path and go on a scenic bike ride together.

3. Go for a jog: Motivate each other when it seems like one of you is going to slow down or quit.

4. Turn your workout into a date! Have you heard of yoga and beer? It involves going to a brewery to attend a yoga class and then have a beer after. It’s become a popular trend. We’ve done a couple of these. It was fun to work out and connect with a drink after.

5. Attend a class together: You can bond after over how tough the instructor was.

6. Go for a walk: Exercising doesn’t have to always be sweat-inducing. A brisk walk still gets your body moving. Use the opportunity to have some great conversations with your spouse!

7. Play sports: You can either join a local adult league together or have a one-on-one game!

Do you work out with your spouse? What other ideas can you come up with? Let us know in the comments!

workout ideas for couples

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