Yoga and Beer: Connect with this Fun Trend

Yoga and Beer (also known as brewery yoga) has become increasingly popular. It’s been around since 2013 and offers a unique way to connect with your spouse.
yoga and beer

Our Data

We surveyed over 150 married couples and found that half of them enjoy working out. However, only 25% work out together, noting that it’s a great way to bond. The other 25% like to work out but don’t have time to do it together. And I completely understand! Between work, kids, chores, and trying to prioritize your marriage, it can be hard to find the time to work out. That’s what makes brewery yoga such a great idea! It’s a great excuse for that latter bucket to prioritize not only their marriage, but exercising as well. Before kids, Josh and I worked out together all the time. After our son was born, it became a lot harder to find that time together. We consciously make an effort to exercise together whenever we can. One of my favorites will always be the yoga classes we have attended at local breweries.

What is Yoga and Beer?

Brewery yoga takes place at a brewery. A certified yoga instructor leads a class either inside (tables and chairs are pushed to the side) or outside, depending on the venue and the weather. You pay for the class and your ticket usually includes a beer for afterwards.

How a Yoga and Beer Date Can Help You Connect

It’s widely known that exercise releases endorphins. Incorporating this into your marriage is a great way to bond. It’s a great opportunity to motivate each other and experience the feeling that your spouse is on your side. Yoga and Beer takes this a step further. Let’s dissect this fun trend for bonding with your spouse!

The Yoga

First off, yoga is an incredibly relaxing exercise and has been proven to reduce stress levels. Reducing your stress is already a great step toward connecting with your spouse! According to PIES Fitness Yoga Studio, yoga helps foster closer connections and bonds, especially when doing couples yoga that requires a partner to complete some of the moves. As you breathe through yoga poses, you become more in touch with your body. Since non-verbal communication can play a big part in connecting with your spouse, being in touch with your body will help you communicate more effectively.

The Beer

Josh and I enjoy having an occasional drink together. I would even say that this has become more important since having kids. Anything we can do together that the kids cannot do (like go to the movies) all of a sudden has become so much more special. There’s something really sweet about having a drink with Josh, talking about our day, current events, thoughts on life, etc. A simple beer can bring us closer as we share something that can only be just ours.

Combine the Two!

Yoga and Beer separately can help you connect with your spouse. Why not combine them and enjoy an even deeper connection!

Even better, once you sit down to enjoy a beer with your spouse, bring along some conversation starters! You can find some great recommendations in our post The Best Products to Keep the Conversation Flowing.

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