TV with a Twist: Turn Streaming into a Connection

There are so many streaming services available. It’s easy to find something great to watch together. After a long day of working and taking care of the kids, who wouldn’t want to kick back and watch some tv with their spouse? Keep reading to find out how we use this super simple activity to connect with each other!

Take a page out of the Book Club for Two and turn your tv show into a discussion. Josh and I love watching tv together because we analyze and discuss what we’re watching.

Here are some general questions that you can always have on hand to connect with your spouse:

1. What would you rate this episode/season/show/movie?

You can rate out of 5 or 10. We like to discuss what each number rating means to keep our ratings consistent. For example, out of 5 stars:

  • 1 star = We hated it and/or had to turn it off
  • 2 stars = It was ok but definitely wouldn’t watch it again
  • 3 stars = It was fun and enjoyed it but we likely wouldn’t recommend it
  • 4 stars = We really enjoyed it and will be recommending it
  • 5 stars = It was perfect. We wouldn’t change a thing

Since ratings are so subjective, feel free to come up with your own and have fun with it! Make sure to keep a running list of your rating system.

2. Do you think they’ll make another season/movie?

Feel free to add in the question, “Do you think there SHOULD be another season/movie or did this wrap everything up really well?” Josh and I like to predict whether another season/movie will follow soon.

3. Which character do you like the best and why?

It’s fun to see which character resonated the most with your spouse. It might not be who you think!

4. How accurate is the story?

If a show/movie is based on a true story, we love looking up how accurate a show or movie is to the real story. We like to discuss why they might have changed certain parts.

5. Where do you think they filmed that?

Josh especially likes to look at the scenery in the background and figure out where the show/movie was filmed. We then like to wait until the end of the credits or look it up to see if we were right.

6. What did you think of the acting and dialogue?

You can even rate this. Some stories are great in and of themselves. But if the acting is subpar, it can bring down the whole production.

7. What’s going to happen?

Before finishing a show or movie, we like to pause it and ask each other for predictions: “Who committed the murder?” “Will he find his sister?” “Is the season finale going to answer all of the open questions?”

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