Tough Connection: How to Connect After a Fight

Every marriage has its ups and downs. Reaching out during the tougher moments of your relationship can be a sweet way to ease the tension during rough times.

This is a tricky one because everyone handles conflict differently. For those times when there’s tension between you and your spouse, but you truly want to spend some time together, here’s what we’ve found that has worked for us.

We are by no means experts in conflict resolution. What we do know is that most of the time when we’ve been arguing, Josh and I find that we still want to spend time with each other. This is not the time to be playing a competitive board game or work on a project together. Instead, do an activity that requires very little talking.

Find something small and simple to do together

We usually end up watching an episode of whatever show we’re into at the moment. It requires little talking. What usually happens is that one of us will comment on something that happened in the episode. The other person will listen. It’s a small and easy way to make you feel heard. PsychCentral says that listening to your partner, whether they are expressing their feelings, or just commenting on something, is one of those little things that can mean everything in a relationship.

If things are going well, make sure you check out TV with a Twist for more ways to spark a conversation/connection with your spouse.

How do you connect with your spouse when going through rough patches? Let us know in the comments below!

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