The Best Self Care Gift Box: Everylove Intimates Review

Looking for a great self care gift box? Then you’ll love Everylove Intimates! Their box is filled with calming products that will help you relax and recharge.

Stay tuned to the end to find out what makes this box truly special. It was blown away by how sweet this one detail was! If you can’t wait, jump ahead here to find out my favorite part of this self care box!

self care gift box: an everylove intimates review

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What is Everylove Intimates?

Everylove Intimates is a date night subscription box with an intimate twist. Here are the products they sell:

This particular review will focus on the self care box.

Want to learn more about date night boxes? Then you’ll love this post on Couples Monthly Subscription Boxes.

Everylove Intimates subscription box

The Everylove Intimates subscription box ships every 2 months and is $130. It includes:

  • A piece of tasteful lingerie
  • 4-6 romantic items designed to enhance intimacy
  • 3 different scenarios which allows you to use the box in a variety of ways
  • Custom playlist
  • Marriage worksheets that will help you explore every aspect of your relationship with your spouse

Get your subscription box here.

I have reviewed a lot of date box subscriptions, including Happily, DateBox Club, and Crated with Love. While Everylove Intimates is definitely a higher pricepoint, it does come with higher end products than other date boxes I’ve tried.

If you’re looking for a cheaper option, they also sell a subscription box that does not include lingerie. It’s called the Get Naked Subscription Box and is $59.00. It’s also delivered every 2 months.

Everylove Intimates review: self care gift box

If you’re not taking care of yourself, it’s going to be a lot harder to be present in your marriage. That’s why I love that Everylove Intimates has a self care box!

This really is a luxury self care gift box. The various items were high quality and made me feel pampered.

As you’ll see below, some of the items can easily be used multiple times. I liked that I could use them to relax more than once!

Keep reading to find out what is included in the box!

Get your self care gift box from Everylove Intimates here. Make sure to use promo code MELISSABURRIS for 25% off of 2 collections.

contents of a self care gift from from everylove intimates

Perfume/linen spray

This scent is so good! The spray has ripe apple, rose, and lily of the valley scents. In particular, I loved the smell of apple in this spray.

I don’t usually like perfume because just one spray of perfume is usually too potent for me. I loved that this spray is not like that! One spray was nice, but not overwhelming.

I ended up using the spray as a perfume AND a linen/room spray.

contents of a self care gift from from everylove intimates

Journal and pen

This beautifully simple journal can be used while you pamper yourself with the items in the box. You can use it to jot down your thoughts and prayers.

I liked that the journal was compact. I actually like to carry a small notebook in my purse. I use it to jot down thoughts throughout my day.

This journal was a nice touch. Keep reading to find out what makes this journal extra special!

contents of a self care gift from from everylove intimates

Body butter

I’ll be honest: I’m very picky with lotion. I prefer lotion that:

  • Softens and hydrates my skin
  • Isn’t too thick
  • Don’t have a strong smell

As you can imagine, I don’t find many lotions I truly enjoy. The warm vanilla sugar body butter included in the box met ALL of my criteria!

This is exactly the type of lotion I enjoy. It didn’t make my hands too sticky. I even put it on before writing this blog post (can you imagine lotion getting on your keyboard??). There was absolutely no residue left over on my fingers. It blended really well.

contents of a self care gift from from everylove intimates

Face Mask

I’m a big fan of face masks. Not only because they make your face look great, but because you have to sit still.

It’s so hard for me to just relax and sit still. (I’m a mom: there’s always something to do!) But if you move around and don’t pay attention to your face mask, it could come off. I like that using a face mask forces me to sit still.

That’s why I loved that the self care gift box included a face mask! That’s a great step towards taking care of myself.

The Red Wine Elasticity face mask smelled good and was fun to put on. I tend to have really dry skin and this face mask did irritate my skin a bit. It wasn’t bad enough to take off early, but I definitely noticed it.

Luckily, there was no damage to my sensitive skin. I just made sure to rinse off the excess and apply lots of moisturizer afterwards.

contents of a self care gift from from everylove intimates

Soothe Luxurious Bath Soak

This bath soak had deep sea and epsom salt plus essential oils. It didn’t specify which oils. I loved the smell of the bath soak!

I’m very sensitive to smells so I don’t use a lot of scented bath salts or lotions. They tend to be too much for me. But this bath soak was just subtle enough: I could smell the great fragrance it gave off, but it wasn’t overwhelming.

contents of a self care gift from from everylove intimates

Gratitude Virtual Handbook: MY FAVORITE PART!

In my opinion, this was the most special aspect of the box! After scanning the QR code, you’ll find:

  • The link to a Spotify playlist with upbeat and uplighting music
  • A dropdown list with each item that’s included in the box

Now here’s what makes this box extra special: as you click on each item, you’ll be given different ways to use them.

For example, here’s what it says under the Bath Salts:

“Suggested Uses:

  • Take a bath and be grateful for this time you have to relax.
  • Journal your thankfulness for refreshing things and think of three specific things that have enriched your life this month.
  • Do something this week for a friend that elevates a normal experience and makes them feel special.”

Can you think of a sweeter way to tie this box together?? I won’t write the rest of the uses in this blog post because I want you to experience them on your own special time.

Here’s an excerpt from the handbook:

“We belive truly caring for yourself is not just about splurging on expensive spa days or every latest fad beauty product, but rather taking time to enjoy the little things, investing in emotional and sprirityal growth, pouring into others, and of course a little pampering – but make it MEAN something.”

– The Everylove Intimates Gratitude Virtual Handbook

What do you put in a self care gift box?

Here are some items you should put in a self care gift box:

  • Candles
  • Essential oils
  • Bath salts
  • Lotions
  • A link to a calming playlist
  • Face masks

A self care gift box should promote relaxation and help the user recharge.

Final thoughts on the self care gift box from Everylove Intimates

Being a wife and mom are the most important things in my life. I’ve been trying to take care of myself lately so that I can be the best version of myself for my family.

Anyone can go buy each individual item that this box includes. However, it’s the Gratitude Handbook that really makes this box unique and special. I was very touched at the different ways to show gratitude.

The box not only left me with relaxation, but a sweet appreciation for the little things in my life.

The self care gift box from Everylove Intimates is a great reminder of the self care that we need to be treating ourselves with. Self care should be a normal thing. If you’re looking for a great self care gift box that will make you feel special, this is the one to get!

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