Couples Monthly Subscription Boxes: The Ultimate Guide

With so many options for couples monthly subscription boxes, it can be hard to choose! Our ultimate guide provides expert recommendations, tips, and insights to help you choose the perfect subscription box for endless fun and connection.

couples monthly subscription box: ultimate guide

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Are subscription boxes still a thing?

Subscription boxes are absolutely still a thing! In fact, one study showed that there were an estimated 10,000 different subscription boxes available to purchase. And that was from 2021. I can only imagine how many there are as I’m writing this in 2023!

A Guide to Couples Monthly Subscription Boxes: Let’s dive into date boxes!

What is a date night box?

A date night box contains everything you need for a date night at home. It’s delivered to you, usually through a monthly subscription service. 

**Important note: When you type into Google “couples monthly subscription boxes”, you’ll find websites that list their favorite companies. I want to point something out that other don’t talk about at all:

Some of the boxes that these other websites mention are not necessarily date night boxes. The sole purpose of a date night box is to bring you and your partner closer together. They are designed to help you connect. 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge advocate of date nights at home. I believe anything can be turned into a date night. So it’s great to mention general subscription boxes. But I want to make sure my readers understand the difference. The more research I’ve done on this topic, the more I’ve come to realize that a lot of people don’t know what a date night box is. 

I will list different categories below to help you make a better decision on what kind of couples monthly subscription box is right for you. I will also specify if an option is a date night box or just a general subscription box. 

example of a couples monthly subscription box

What is included in a date night box?

As mentioned above, date night boxes are a bit unique. Here’s what you can generally find in a date night box:

  • A fun activity you can do together. Here are some examples:
    • Painting
    • Making chocolates
    • Games
  • A playlist to help set the mood
  • Conversation starters to help you connect even further

You’ll get a unique date each month with different activities. If you have trouble getting creative with date nights, this is absolutely the right choice for you!

How much do date night boxes cost?

Date night boxes are usually around $20 – $45. You can find discounts and cheaper boxes by subscribing for more months. For example, if you pay for 3 months of boxes in advance, it’s cheaper than if you were to pay month to month. 

Here are special coupon codes for some of the companies I work with (and love!!):

It’s also worth noting that these companies also tend to have other products for sale that are cheaper if you’re looking for alternatives. 

couples monthly subscription box: new date each month

Why I love a good couples monthly subscription box

Maintaining a consistent date night can be difficult. Once you’ve been married a while, you tend to get settled into a routine. Add in work stress, house chores, kids, and budgeting … and date night can become nonexistent! So here are all the reasons I LOVE finding amazing couples monthly subscription boxes for a date night in:

  1. Date night at home is so relaxing
  2. Subscription boxes take all the guesswork out of date night
  3. You can have a date in your pjs (who doesn’t like to be comfortable?!)
  4. You get to mix up date night (each box is going to be very different)
  5. You won’t have much planning (some boxes will require you to gather materials before your date, but they’re usually minimal)
  6. They help you connect from the comfort of your own home
  7. They keep date night costs WAY down (if you don’t have family to watch your kids, you’ll save on babysitter costs – just put the kids to bed and get to your date!)

Romantic boxes for couples

Romance Enhanced

  • Date night box
  • Price range: $15-50
  • Other products available
  • Use discount code CONNECTAGAIN for 20% off all products

Romance Enhanced was created by Josie, a lover of romance. Her passion is to help couples bring more romance into their relationships. You can read my interview with her here, where you’ll find a lot of great insider tips for being romantic. 

Josie does not currently offer subscriptions but I included her products in this post because she does have date boxes. These boxes are primarily focused on making a connection through romance. 

Check out this video of her Night of Massage box.

The price range is so wide for Romance Enhanced because there are different types of boxes. For example, you can get the Night of Massage box as a digital printable ($15), a physical box ($22.50), or an anniversary date ($50.25). The anniversary date comes with everything you see in the video above, plus decorations for your bedroom to help set the mood even further.

What sets it apart: The main focus on romance definitely sets this option apart from the rest. If you need help being romantic and want a sweet date with your partner, this is a great option!

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Best subscription boxes for couples

As I mentioned before, there are a lot of subscription boxes couples can choose from. But my favorites are the ones that truly help foster a closer connection for a couple. That’s why all the subscriptions in this category will be solely date night boxes. I’ve even tried a few of them!

Datebox, by Happily

  • Date night box
  • Price range: $32.99-39.99
  • Other products available
  • Use discount code CONNECTAGAIN for $20 off your first monthly subscription box
example of a couples monthly subscription box

Happily focuses on helping you make a connection on your date. The activities are tailored to this central theme. In the date box we tried, we made chocolate truffles and took a walk down memory lane with some very sweet prompts that were provided. The date was simple, which allowed us to focus on each other more. 

The monthly Datebox subscription is $39.99 per date but there are options for 3 month ($36.99 per date) and 6 month ($32.99 per date) subscriptions. 

Read my review of Datebox, by Happily here

What set it apart: When you first sign up for a date box subscription, you will be prompted to take a survey. You answer questions about what kinds of dates you and your partner like to have. The dates you are sent will be tailed to your interests based on the survey!

Crated with Love

  • Date night box
  • Price range: $25-30
  • Other products available
  • Use discount code ConnectAgain for 10% off
example of a couples monthly subscription box

We have tried 2 boxes from Crated with Love: Summer of Love and Retro Game Show. Both were packed with fun activities. If you’re looking to get the most bang for your buck, this is it! 

You can easily stretch their date night boxes into a long date. Or you can have it span multiple dates. We personally like to complete our date in one night (after the kids go to bed) so we sped up some of the activities and games. 

If you’d like to know more, you can read my review of Crated with Love here

Crated with Love also has other products to try, but one of my favorites is their conversation starters! We have ours in our living room and will randomly pull out a couple of cards. They help us connect when things are getting crazy. Of course, you can always combine them with any of the date boxes mentioned in this article!

What sets it apart: If I had to describe Crated with Love in one word, it would be: FUN! Both boxes we tried were a lot of fun and the activities had us laughing the whole time. These have definitely been the most fun date boxes we’ve tried. 

DateBox Club

  • Date night box
  • Price range: $41.95-$44.95
  • Other products available
how much does a date night box cost?

We have tried one box from DateBox Club. It involved painting a picture together. This was definitely a more relaxing date than other date boxes we had tried. We were given conversation starters, which we used while we waited for each layer of paint to dry. The finished product is hanging in our bedroom. 

Since I only tried one box, I reached out to the owner to find out if other boxes are similar. He confirmed that the boxes tend to have one main activity (like the painting box we tried). They focus mainly on helping you make a true connection. 

Read my review of DateBox Club here.

What sets it apart: DateBox Club tests each of their boxes before they become products. They want to make sure they are providing an amazing connection for their customers. That’s dedication!

Date Night In Box

  • Date night box
  • Price range: $45.98-42.58
  • Other products available

It’s been a couple of years since I’ve tried a box from Date Night In. But from my research, it seems that they are still delivering the same quality and type of date boxes. 

They even sell extra products now such as:

You can find more options to enhance your date night in with their one time shop here

Date Night In Box has a variety of themes for their date boxes. Every one of them is created to help bring you closer to your partner. 

What sets it apart: Every box comes with a suggested menu recipe card. You are given a dinner and drink suggestion that goes with the theme of your box. While you aren’t given the actual ingredients for the meal, it does come with step by step instructions to make it. 

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The Adventure Challenge

  • Date night box
  • Price range: $39.99-49.99
  • Other products available
  • Get cash back on your purchase (and $30!!) when you use my Rakuten referral link

The Adventure Challenge started with a book of adventures curated to different types of relationships: family, couples, kids, etc. The books come with challenges for you to complete together and space to document your adventures.

If you love their Couples Edition book, The Adventure Challenge has a date box subscription to go along with it! I have not tried either product but here’s what I learned from my research:

Some of the adventures in the Couples Edition book correspond with a date box that is delivered in the mail. It’s important to note that these are separate products and you do have to purchase each one. But they seem to nicely complement each other.

What sets it apart: I like that The Adventure Challenge has a book to complement its date boxes. What a sweet way to help you keep track of all of the amazing memories you make together. 

best subscription boxes for couples

Uncommon Goods

  • Date night box
  • Price range: $51-53 per date
  • Other products available

Uncommon Goods is one of my favorite online stores. Their name says it all: they sell items that are unique. It’s my go-to site for gifts. I was surprised to learn that they had a date box. 

They do not offer monthly subscription plans. They have the following options:

  • 3 month subscription for $159 ($53 per date)
  • 6 month subscription for $305 ($51 per date)

While I have not tried their date boxes, I have purchased multiple items from their store before. I can attest to the high quality of their products.

What sets it apart: Most date box subscriptions do not tell you what dates you’ll receive each month: it’s a surprise. But Uncommon Goods tells you exactly what you’ll get each month. If you like to know ahead of time what you’re getting, this is a good option for you.

Unbox Love

  • Date night box
  • Price range: $37-42 per date

I have not tried Unbox Love. From their website, they seem like a typical date box subscription company. They focus on helping couples connect when they simply don’t have the time to plan a creative date for each other. 

Everything you need is included in the box. Each themed date will include activities, snacks, and experiences that will help you bond. The exact contents of the box will be a surprise but here are some of the themes they offer:

  • Escape Room / Mystery
  • Cranial Couples
  • Time Machine
  • Explore!
  • Castaways
  • Good Day Mates!

What sets it apart: From my research, this is one of the few (if only) companies that does not offer other products. That means that they put all of their time and effort into creating great dates for you!

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  • Date night box
  • Price range: $55-65 per date
  • Other products available

These date boxes are more expensive. They do seem to have more items than the other companies, though. For example, their Couples Paint Night Box includes:

  • 2 Canvases
  • 4 Colorful Acrylic Paints
  • 1 White Acrylic Paint
  • Mixing Cups
  • Mixing Sticks
  • Table Cover
  • Date Night Coupons with 100 Date Ideas
  • Love Poetry Word Magnets
  • 2 Dutch Stroopwafel Cookies
  • What I love About You questionnaires
  • A Brochure with Instructions, Dutch Movie Recommendations and Conversation Starters

I do like that this particular box even includes mixing cups, sticks, and a table cover. Those small details aren’t usually included in other date boxes because they assume people already have those items in their homes. 

Krush didn’t have as much information on their website as other date box companies do. For example, I’m assuming each date is a surprise and unique each month. But there is nothing on their website to confirm this. I’m just basing this on my experience with other date box companies. 

Date night box no subscription / one-time date night box

If you’re not ready to commit to a monthly subscription, these companies let you purchase a single date box:

Mystery date night box

mystery date night box

Hunt a Killer

  • Mystery subscription box
  • Price range: $25-34.99 per box
  • Other products available

Mystery boxes are a great option for a couples monthly subscription box if you want to put your teamwork to the test. You work together to solve a murder mystery.

Hunt a Killer has 3 options for purchasing:

  • Membership: 1 large case that you gradually solve over a period of 6 months, 10-15 hours of gameplay
  • Box Sets: These are the old cases that used to be featured in the membership option (still solved over a period of 6 months), 10-15 hours of gameplay
  • Premiums: Shorter cases that can be solved in 2-10 hours. Varying difficulty levels are offered. It’s worth noting that this is recommended as the best option for date night

Escape the Crate

  • Mystery/escape room box
  • Price range: $26.50-29.99 per box
  • Other products available

If you like mysteries and puzzles (but don’t necessarily always want to solve a murder), then Escape the Crate is a better fit for you. As the name implies, it’s basically an escape room in a box.

From looking at the boxes on their website, Escape the Crate offers more than puzzles in a box. They immerse you into another world. For example, the Escape from Camelot box incorporates characters from the mythology and has you pull the sword from the stone and vanquish a dragon.

I love this option because Josh and I enjoy solving puzzles. Since we have kids (and babysitters are expensive), we’ve never done an escape room together. This is probably the next subscription box I’m going to try!

Date night food subscription box

date night food subscription box

There are so many food subscription boxes out there such as: Hello Fresh, Blue Apron, Dinnerly. Since we’ve only tried Hello Fresh, I’ll give you more details about it below! From what I’ve seen, it looks like most food subscription boxes are pretty similar.

Hello Fresh

  • Food subscription box
  • Price range: $8.99-12.49 per serving
  • Other products available
  • Get cash back on your purchase (and $30!!) when you use my Rakuten referral link

Hello Fresh is a weekly subscription food box (you can cancel or pause any time though). You pick what recipes you like and are sent the recipe cards along with all of the ingredients.

The recipes are restaurant quality and the ingredients are incredibly fresh. However, we did sometimes receive errors in our box (a missing or spoiled ingredient). If you can handle some mistakes, you’ll love Hello Fresh. We eventually had to stop because we didn’t like how often the errors kept happening. Thankfully their customer service is great and they make it easy to report any issues (and give you refunds/discounts on your next box).

We tried Hello Fresh when they first began so I can personally attest to how much they’ve grown. They started with only a few recipes to choose from. They now have 20+ recipes each week. That’s great if you want to have more control over what recipes you’ll be making.

Subscription boxes for older couples

I would recommend older couples opt for subscription boxes that will help them connect again. Once you’ve been together for a while, it can feel like you know everything about each other.

subscription boxes for older couples

That’s why date boxes are the best option for older couples. They usually provide conversation starters and activities that help couples make a genuine connection with each other.

There is always something you can learn about your spouse, no matter how long you’ve been together. You never know if a particular question might spark a long lost memory that you’ve never told your spouse. If you really feel like you know everything about your spouse, try answering the question for them and see how well you know them!

Final Thoughts: Couples Monthly Subscription Box

As you can see, there are SO many options to choose from! I hope this post has helped you narrow it down to a couple of options you’d like to try. Feel free to comment below if you have any questions. I want this post to be a great resource for people. If I didn’t cover something, I want to know so I can add it to the post! 🙂

If you try any of these couples monthly subscription boxes, let me know in the comments below! I’d love to hear your experiences with them.

couples monthly subscription boxes: the ultimate guide

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