75 Easy At Home Date Night Ideas for Parents

With this extensive list of at home date night ideas for parents, you’ll definitely find something for you and your spouse to do.

75 easy at home date night ideas for parents

My husband Josh and I have been married for 8 years. We have 2 young kids and know how hard it can be to fit in a date night. We also know how expensive dates can get when you add in the cost of a babysitter.

That’s why I put together this list. I wanted to show other couples just how easy date night can be, even if you have kids!

Why should you make date night a priority?

Date nights are so important for parents to keep their marriage strong. If all you do is focus on work and the kids, your marriage could end up feeling more like roommates than spouses.

So how many dates should a couple plan? It all depends on the couple and what their needs and wants are. Learn more about how to decide this for you and your spouse.

Why at home date nights are perfect for parents

If you don’t have family closeby, you’ll need to find a babysitter to go out on a date. And the good babysitters can be expensive.

It’s a lot easier for parents to incorporate date nights if they wisely use the time they are at home to connect. There are a lot of creative ideas parents can use to have a date at home.

75 at home date night ideas for parents

Since this is a long list, I have separated the ideas into different categories.

out of the box date night ideas at home

Out of the box date night ideas at home

1. Indoor camping

There’s so much you can do with this idea. Here are some fun ideas:

  • Set up a tent in your living room
  • Make a fort in the living room and sleep under it
  • You don’t necessarily need a tent: just use your sleeping bags/cots inside
  • Eat food that makes you think of camping (hot dogs, burgers, etc)
  • Make a fire in your fireplace or search “fireplace” on YouTube and put it on your tv or phone

2. Wine/beer tasting

You can order wine and beer tastings to do at home but you can also do it yourself:

  • Go to the grocery store together and pick out different types
  • Reasearch the various types that you got
  • Have snacks/food pairings to go along with the different choices

3. Themed costume night

Have a themed costume night where you dress up as characters from your favorite movies or eras.

4. Blanket fort

Build a blanket for together and have a cozy night inside. Or make separate forts and turn it into a competition to see who can make the best one.

5. Murder mystery dinner

Figure out a mystery together. There are lots of subscriptions you can sign up for, although I’ve never personally tried any of them. Hunt a Killer seems like a fun one!

6. Paint and sip

Have a DIY paint and sip night at home with canvases and your favorite beverages.

7. Virtual game night

Host a virtual game night with friends or family.

8. DIY outdoor movie theater

Set up a DIY outdoor movie theater in your backyard. HGTV shows you how to make an easy outdoor movie screen.

9. Fondue night

Have a fondue night with different dipping options.

10. At home spa night

Create your own at home spa night with homemade facials and massages. Soak in a bubble bath and light candles. Calming music will help set the mood for this one.

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11. Scavenger hunt

Plan a scavenger hunt around your home. But be careful not the wake the kids! 🙂

You can easily turn this into a competition. Both of you can make a list for the other. Whoever finishes first, wins.

12. Cooking competition

There are a lot of ways you can have a competition in the kitchen. Here are a couple of ideas:

  • Each person prepares a dish with a secret ingredient. The other has to guess what it is.
  • Each person has to make a specific dish … without a recipe.
  • Each person makes the same dish. Family or friends can be the judges later.

13. Karaoke night

Did you know YouTube has karaoke songs? Find your favorites and sing along together!

14. DIY escape room

Create your own escape room. If you need help, here’s a good article that explains how to do it.

Since there are only 2 of you, you can create escape rooms for each other. Or you can combine your brainpower and create an escape room together for family or friends to solve.

15. Comedy night

Have fun searching for videos of your favorite comedians. Or discover some new ones!

You can also each look up your own jokes and take turns telling them to each other.

16. DIY photo booth

HGTV has some great tips on how to create your own photo booth. Create one for you to do together or invite family or friends over later to enjoy it with you.

17. Learn mixology

Learn how to make mixed drinks at home. Challenge yourselves to try a drink that seems completely out of your comfort zone. You’ll enjoy trying something new together!

18. Pizza making night

Have a DIY pizza making night with various toppings and sauces. You can make your own pizza dough or buy one that’s ready.

19. Create vision boards

Create vision boards together that outline your goals and dreams.

20. Dance party

Have a dance party with your favorite music and dance styles.

date night ideas for tired parents

Date night ideas for tired parents

Kids are exhausting. Whatever phase of life you’re in (baby, toddler, teenager), chances are that you are tired.

It’s so easy to sit on the couch together and watch a show. But I want to challenge you to branch out a little and do something a little different tonight. Changing things up is a great way to keep your marriage strong and prioritize each other.

21. Bubble bath

Baths are a great way to relax and feel close. Try adding in some bath salts or essential oils. You can also light a few candles and turn off the lights to make it even more relaxing.

22. Movie night in bed

If your go-to evening activity together is to watch a show or movie, switch things up and watch in bed! Have a cozy movie night in bed with snacks and blankets.

23. Reading date

Enjoy a quiet evening of reading together. You can even do a book club for two and read the same book together. Read about our experience and discover our favorite books to read together.

24. Massages

Take turns giving each other massages to relax. Look up YouTube videos to learn different techniques.

25. Order takeout

Order takeout from your favorite restaurant and have a picnic in the living room. Make sure to ask for utensils so you don’t have to do any dishes afterward. 🙂

26. Board game or puzzle

Play a relaxing board game or puzzle together. Here are our favorite board games we like to play.

27. Soothing music and cuddling

Listen to soothing music or nature sounds while cuddling. Talk to each other about your days.

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28. Practice mindfulness

Practice mindfulness or meditation together to de-stress. It’s ok if you fall asleep!

29. Share a dessert

Share a dessert and talk about your favorite memories together.

30. Watch the sunset

Watch the sunset or sunrise together from your balcony or backyard. You can make this more romantic by laying out a blanket and cuddling.

31. Love letters

Write love letters to each other. Make sure to express gratitude and appreciation for each other. When you’re a tired parent, a little appreciation goes such a long way!

32. Candlelit dinner

Have a candlelit dinner at home. The ambiance that candles bring will help relax your tired minds.

33. Watch a game show

When was the last time you watched a game show? Find one that you both enjoy and challenge each other to guess the correct answers.

34. Listen to an audiobook or podcast

Audiobooks or podcasts are great when you are tired. They can also help spark conversation, which is important to keep up in your marriage.

35. Take a nap

Who says a nap can’t count as a date? 🙂 Make it more special by:

  • Wearing your favorite pajamas
  • Using an eye mask
  • Cuddling
  • Turning a difuser on with calming scents like lavender
inexpensive date ideas for parents

Inexpensive date ideas for parents

Cheap at home date night ideas for parents are important to do. Kids are already very expensive. If you don’t have much left in your budget for date night, then you’ll love these ideas!

36. Learn to make your own charcuterie board

Charcuterie boards are a big trend right now. Learn how to make your own here.

If you’re on a budget, be careful. Some items for charcuterie boards can get pricey. Challenge each other to keep it within a predetermined price range.

37. Picnic in your backyard or living room

Have a picnic in your backyard or living room. Make sandwiches or snacks that you have on hand.

38. Virtual museum visit

Did you know that a lot of museums do virtual tours on their websites? It’s a great way to save money and stay home for a date.

39. Movie night

Instead of going to the movies, make your own movie experience at home. Popcorn, candy, and soda are a lot cheaper at the grocery store compared to the movie theater. It’s a great way to save money and have a movie date.

40. Virtual travel night

Virtually travel to a new city or country by learning everything you can about it. Look up pictures and find customs, restaurants, and fun places to stay.

The possibilities with this one are endless.

41. Small home improvement project

Turn your to-do list into a date! Keep it inexpensive by choosing something small on your list.

By working together, you give yourselves a chance to connect. Make it even more fun by rewarding yourselves with a fun snack or beverage afterward.

42. Learn a new skill

Learning something new together is a great way to bond. Choose something small that won’t require a lot of materials. (If you’re trying to keep your costs down, you probably don’t want to get into woodworking right now.)

43. DIY movie night snacks

Challenge yourselves to create new movie night snacks. You can mix things into popcorn or create a fun beverage. There are lot of opportunities with this idea.

44. Backyard stargazing

Lay out a blanket and look up at the stars. Try to find different constellations.

45. Memory lane photo album

Take a trip down memory lane and look through photo albums. If you don’t have one, go through some photos and create one together. You’ll enjoy reliving the memories.

46. Board game tournament

Take out a few games and see how many you can do in an evening (or a weekend). Keep track of who won each game and by how much.

at home date night ideas for parents quote

47. Candle making

Make your own candles that you can use for your next date night! If you’re trying to save money, this article shows you how to make candles and take a budget into consideration.

48. Indoor yoga

You can do yoga inside right at home. Did you know YouTube has a lot of yoga videos? You can find workouts for all different levels and types. It’s a great way to save money on yoga classes/videos.

49. Plan a dream vacation

Decide on a dream vacation and start planning it! The sooner you begin, the more time you’ll have to save up the money and find ways to save on the trip.

Planning a vacation is a great way to bond if you listen to each other’s ideas and talk about what you would like to do on your vacation.

50. Watch sports

If you have access to any sports channels, watching a game is a great way to incorporate some bonding time at home. Cheer on your favorite teams together.

51. Taco bar

Set up a taco bar with different topping options and sauces.

52. Ice cream bar

If sweets are more you’re thing, make an ice cream bar with different flavors and toppings.

53. Old family recipe

Call your mom and get the recipe for a dish that’s been in your family for a long time. Make the recipe together and share your memories from your childhood while you cook.

54. Make s’mores

S’mores are so easy, cheap, and fun. If you don’t have a fire pit in your backyard, you can make them inside.

55. Conversation starters

Conversation starters are a great way to connect during an at home date! I created over 140 dinner conversation starters that you can use. As a bonus, you can also get the questions as a free printable if you sign up for my email list.

56. Create a family budget

Creating a budget together will help you have important conversations about your priorities. You might learn something about your spouse’s needs and wants.

Make sure to listen to your spouse and keep an open mind. I’ve also written a blog post about couple money goals that you’ll want to check out.

at home date night ideas for parents at night

At home date night ideas for parents at night

57. Play truth or dare

When was the last time you played truth or dare? Have fun playing with your spouse. If you need inspiration, here are 100 truth or dare questions.

58. Date night box

Have you ever tried a date night box? Learn about what makes a date night box different from a regular subscription box.

I’ve tried a lot of date boxes. Here are the reviews for my favorites:

59. Bedroom game

Josie from Romance Enhanced has created Bedroom Games that are similar to dateboxes. However, they focus more on romance. You can learn more about Romance Enhanced through my interview of Josie here.

at home date night ideas for parents quote

60. Sit by the fire

Make a fire in your fireplace or firepit. Or you can search for “fireplace” on YouTube.

61. Discover your love languages

Take the Love Language Quiz to learn more about each other. Make it a goal to show more affection based on your love languages.

62. Breakfast in bed

The mornings can be hectic when you have kids. Breakfast for dinner (after the kids go to bed) will allow you to really relax and enjoy the meal together. Even better, you can eat it in bed!

63. Romantic comedy

It can be fun to watch a romantic comedy together, even if it’s a little cheesy.

64. Write notes to your future selves

What do you want your future self to know? What do you want your spouse to know in the future? Write letters to yourselves and each other!

65. Document your love story

How did you meet? How long did you date? What drew the two of you together?

Writing down your love story is a sweet way to bond and relieve a very special time in your lives.

at home date night ideas with baby

At home date night ideas with baby

Sometimes your baby needs to tag along on your at home date. Maybe your baby won’t sleep or has been extra attached to you lately.

Either way, there are lots of ways to incorporate your baby into your date night. Here are the most important things to remember when including you baby in your at home date.

  • Have baby safe items to entertain your baby
  • Include fun music that your baby might like
  • You can make anything romantic if you still focus on each other

66. Sensory play

Babies love sensory play. Here are a lot of ideas you can do together. Get in on the fun and play with your baby.

But don’t forget to talk to each other! Bond over the activity. Ask each other questions like:

  • What do you think of this activity?
  • What do you think is going on in baby’s mind?
  • What sensory activity could we do next?
  • Can we come up with our own activity next time?

67. DIY photoshoot

Get creative and have a photoshoot as a family! Dress up in different outfits and have fun editing the pictures together after.

68. Sensory bath

Baths are a great time to incorporate sensory play for your baby. You can all hang out in the bathroom and let your baby play while you talk to your spouse.

69. Family storytime

Bring out lots of books and take turns reading to your baby. Talk to your spouse about which books you like better and why. What books were your favorite when you were little? This is a great opportunity to learn more about your spouse.

70. Family yoga

There are a lot of great yoga poses that you can do with your baby.

71. Family singalong

If karaoke is your thing, you can still incorporate your baby into your date by singing songs your baby might like.

72. Family cuddle session

Lay a blanket on the floor and cuddle together.

73. Baby-friendly art project

Get some washable paint and you can all do an art project together.

74. Create a family tree

Having a baby can really make you think about your lineage. Sit down and create a family tree together. You might just learn more about your spouse’s side of the family.

75. Cook a meal together and try something new

If your baby is old enough to eat solids, cook a meal and give your baby something new to try. Put them in their high chair so you and your spouse can cook together and bond.

Frequently asked questions about at home date night ideas for parents

How can I make a romantic date night at home?

You can make a date night at home romantic by playing soft music, dimming the lights, lighting candles, and having a special beverage.

How do you have an at home date night after kids go to bed?

Make sure the kids go to bed at a decent time so you and your spouse can have a date night at home.

Final thoughts on at home date night ideas for parents

Date nights at home don’t need to be complicated. If you are spending time together, talking, and connecting, anything can be a date night!

I hope you found a few ideas to try! Let me know in the comments below which ones you liked the best.

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