A Spin on Movie Night

Whether you go to the movies once a month or once a year, keep reading to find out how we’ve kept a record of every movie we’ve gone to see. We’ve turned going to the movies into a nostalgic connection.

How we came up with the idea.

Josh started this when we began dating at the end of 2011. It’s now 2022 and we’ve kept a record of every movie we’ve seen at the theater, what we each rated the movie, the location, and the year. We’ve moved and traveled around a lot in our time together so the location section has been awesome to see change over the years!

How has this helped us connect?

Ok, hear me out: why would you keep a record of every time you went to the movies? We like to look back on our spreadsheet and reminisce on the different phases of our relationship. For example, we lived in South Korea for a year while Josh was stationed there with the military. We saw movies on and off base and both were awesome experiences. After Korea, while I was job hunting, I worked at a movie theater in Virginia for a couple of months. I got to see movies for free so naturally we went to the movies a lot! Nowadays with 2 kids in the mix, we don’t go as often. But it’s so much fun to look back and see the different phases in our lives associated with the different movies. It’s also fun to take the average of each of our columns to see who generally rates movies higher.

Here’s an example of what we have.

Make it your own!

Here are some ideas of other things you can add to your spreadsheet:

1. Genre

Wouldn’t it be fun to see how many of a certain genre you tend to go see at the movies? Do you normally save the fun big action movies for the movie theater? Or do you like the quite, slow burn thinkers?

2. How excited you were to see it

We’ve gone to the movies before where we’ve been extremely excited to see the movie. Other times, we just really needed a night out without the kids and were willing to go see whatever was playing. There are definitely movies on our list that we never would have paid to see them at the theater, but we just really wanted to go to the movies.

3. A rating prediction

It would be fun to see if the movie was as good as you were hoping it would be. Or maybe predict what your spouse will rate the movie as!

While you’re at it, why not use the discussion questions in TV with a Twist to help lead a discussion with your spouse after the movie!

Have you kept a record similar to this idea? Let us know in the comments how it has helped you connect with your spouse!

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